Apr 21, 2011

Hello Blogger

I have too many online blogs! I need a bag to carry them :) I wonder if I can post from my droid...

Aug 31, 2010

Art Journaling as a form of Relief

I've been so busy this year with my bellydance competitions that I havent had any time to get to my paper crafts. Even though I have been on a winning streak, I still miss the creative outlet of making things. In fact now that Im days away from my final competition this season, I couldnt resist any further and started my art journaling again.

It actually helps to clear my mind and body of all the hard physical work that goes into creating a choreography. Something about the colors and the texture...the relief that I get from making something with my hands that is visually pleasing helps me to get back on my legs and create a visually pleasing and meaningful choreography.

Particularly when I start to feel like my focus is puttering out, I go to my art table and create something :) Then I feel ready to go to my dance studio and create something!!

Sigh, I will be posting some pictures soon of some of my recent creations. Nothin too fancy but I like it :)
The hold up is that my old camera is dead so a new one is on my bday list! or maybe I will make a video...I have a Flip! Anyway, nothing will be done till after September 5th as thats when my final competition takes place.

Untill then...Cheers!

Nov 26, 2009

Steampunk Purse

Here is my first attempt at a steampunk purse! I used a drill for the grunge board holding up the instruments. I used the Adirondack inks for the purse itself. The gears and sprockets are from Jim Holtz. I used this purse as a prop in the bellydance show The Haunted. Since I was "Evil" I needed a way to carry my tools...

Inside the purse I stored my knife, a bottle of poison and a glow ball to attract my little victim! For stage effect (coutesy of a fellow dancer) I added a glow stick to the inside to make the box glow green when I opened it to retrieve my knife!

Aug 27, 2009

Created By Hand challenge: Nature

I decided it was time for me to try another art challenge...I've been writing in my art journal as my life appears to be on the verge of a change. I decided to add a challenge into my journal. The theme this week at Created By Hand was Nature. So here is my journal page before I start writing in it... the tree was painted in water color and I used a Tim Holtz stamp for the background. I also used the Distress ink pads in Marmalade. The sticker quote is something I've had for ages.